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Buyer Representation

The following is a list of what each client should expect to receive throughout a real estate purchase transaction:

  • Interview buyer to learn needs and qualifications
  • Explain agency relationships and determine buyer’s preference by completing consumer notice form
  • Counsel buyer on financing options and recommend a suitable lender
  • Advise buyer about market conditions
  • Match client with properties
  • Provide a market analysis on a property before making an offer
  • Review the benefits of a home warranty
  • Review Seller’s Disclosure with buyer
  • Prepare agreement of sale and related documents (inspections, addendums…)
  • Review and counsel client on documents
  • Negotiate offer and counteroffers
  • Coordinate purchase process so all requirements are met
  • Provide solutions to any problems that may arise
  • Coordinate final walkthrough and ensure contractual obligations have been met
  • Provide pre-settlement closing costs
  • Attend settlement representing client
  • Settlement follow-up

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