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Why we use Professional Photography

Professional real estate photography is no longer a choice. Any Realtor worth their salt uses a professional photographer to showcase their listings. It is in their client’s best interest to have great photos. Buyers today want to see clear photos of listings before choosing to visit a home. Ultimately, this means having professional photos drives home tours.

When we sell your home we choose to have professional photography done for this reason and several more that I will share below.

Professional Photography Sells Listings Faster

There have been many studies done on whether or not professional photography sells listings faster. In our own market, Real Estate Exposures has published a study on homes they have photographed. Here are a few facts for our area:

  • The study compared internal data from Real Estate Exposures with Realtor.com statistics and local Multiple Listing Service data
  • Professional photography has been proven to sell homes up to 30 days faster in our market
  • Professional photography has been proven to sell homes for more money
  • On average professional photography yields 1.4% higher list to sell price

Professional Photography Sets Your Home Apart

With professional photography, your clients can see the difference immediately. Many clients and even other Realtors believe that using a cell phone is good enough. This only causes the house to show up poorly in online listings. In the Multiple Listing Service, on our website, and on sites like Zillow or Trulia, we want your house to stand apart. Professional photography does this. Your house gets more views and tours, has a higher appeal, and ultimately sells faster.

Below is a set of comparison images, to truly see the difference hiring a pro can make, check out this page on the professional photography difference.


An example of a home photographed with a cell phone. Images like this convey the idea that a house is dated and uncared for.


This is an example of a professional image. Notice how the room feels bright, homey, and the ceilings and walls look clean. Everything looks up to date and great to live in!

Professional Photography can be used in other applications

The use for professional photography doesn’t stop on the Multiple Listing Site or with Zillow and Trulia. We can use professional photography in many other ways:

  • Our team can share the professional photos on Facebook and other social media
  • Our team can create a high-end flyer using the photos
  • Professional photos can be placed in the classified ads and Sunday paper
  • Our team can create a postcard advertisement with the images
  • Professional photos can be used to create a virtual tour for buyers to view your home
  • You can have the images as a keepsake to remember your home by

As you can see, there are extensive uses for professional photos. This is why we insist on using professional photos on our listings. Our preferred partner for this service is Real Estate Exposures.